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Residential Real Estate Attorney in Newport News, Virginia

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If you're buying or selling a residential property, you need a real estate lawyer on your side. Homebuyers and home sellers on the Virginia Peninsula turn to Richard S. Gordon, Attorney at Law for legal advice. Attorney Gordon has decades of experience practicing real estate law. He can assist you with everything from leases to inheritance issues.

He can also help you draft real estate contracts. Call now to schedule a consultation with a real estate lawyer in Newport News or Hampton, VA.

There is skilled legal help available when you bring your residential real estate transaction to a professional attorney. Richard S. Gordon, Attorney at Law serves the residential real estate legal needs of individuals and families in York County, Isle of Wight County, Hampton, and the greater Newport News, Virginia area. Call today to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation with an experienced real estate attorney.

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Attorney Gordon Is an Experienced Real Estate Litigator

Attorney Gordon can also handle your real estate litigation needs. He takes real estate litigation cases involving:

  • Contract enforcement

  • Damages to property

  • Boundary line disputes

  • Issues of trespass

  • Condemnation by public authority

  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants

  • Partition suits

  • Heir property problems

He will do everything possible to get you a favorable outcome. Contact attorney Gordon today to discuss your case.

You don't have to go through the hassle of residential real estate transactions on your own. Turn to a knowledgeable real estate attorney for guidance. Richard S. Gordon, Attorney at Law represents residential real estate clients in the greater Newport News, Virginia area, as well as Hampton, York County, and Isle of Wight County. Call today to schedule a consultation to discuss your residential real estate needs.